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Welcome to MyCrosswords.com! Here you can put your puzzles online that were made with Crossword Weaver puzzle making software. You and your friends, family, students, or anyone will be able to see and play your puzzle any time. Click here to see what an online puzzle looks like.

First, you will need Crossword Weaver so you can make a puzzle. You can order Crossword Weaver online, download a 30 day free demo or find out more about Crossword Weaver.

As soon as you make a puzzle with Crossword Weaver, you can put it online for free to try out MyCrosswords.com. Or, we have affordable subscription packages so you can put all of your puzzles online. Find out how it works.

If you already have Crossword Weaver, you can see instructions on how to put one puzzle online right now.


"Wow! As far as crossword puzzles go, this is super deluxe! It is so cool to have my puzzles on the internet."
DeLyle, Washington

"This is so fun! Super easy and worth every penny."
Morgan, California

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